Dentistry is no doubt a Nobel profession but a serious business also, u can’t deny that  its today’s competitive world demand that pushing us to think our practice from a business point of view, despite of all the expertise and skills you may have , you have to showcase everything to this world.

Like your story, your certificates,  clinics story , your services , latest technology you brought to clinic practice , your staff, clinics routine practices for maintain infection control in the clinic environment etc.

So MARKETING is the key to fulfill today’s increasing demand of knowing your service provider or doctor, marketing, whether offline or online both is all about making yourself accessible from anywhere for your patients on a local as well as globally.

We all do offline marketing for our practice to promote, like pamphlets, brochures, standees etc. but what about online presence? Today world is going digital…. For small things and opinions people  are searching online to gain information , before going to dentist patients do a thorough study about that clinics and doctor… agree or not?


So its clear that along with offline marketing and online presence add a great value to your practice/ business, a strong online presence I mean is a having a website your business home in online world, where you will welcome your readers as we welcome our guests to our own home .

Having a website is first and very basic step in initiating your online marketing campaign, it’s a great marketing tool to promote your practice online, it has so many great benefits / it’s a real practice booster, it has great benefits.

Websites helps you to introduce yourself and your practice, services you offer, latest news, cases you have done, patients opinions , reviews etc  to people increasing chances of building trust  among people. ,

Whether small or big business, your online profile is one of the crucial elements of a successful business in the highly competitive dental market. It is imperative for each and every business to have a professional business website. By having a website you are giving your patients a reason why they should trust you business services, when you provide good service a word of mouth automatically spreads.

it’s a big surprise that still many businesses doesn’t have an online presence, I say if you have a business you should have a website to showcase you services and products to potential customers.

For dental profession is of great benefit having  a website, as through it they not only be able to share their dental practice but also will share lot of valuable information with its patients or readers, it’s just not the single domain with multiple web pages.

If you have a business and don’t have a website then you are losing out an great opportunity for your business. Listing below, some the major factors that will help us to understand the importance of having a website.

The Importance Of Having A Website

From Visually.


  1. Websites are the best online marketing tool for any kind of business promotion- You can spread your website name link across all over the social media, online forums, related blogs or online business listings  to get traffic to your website and increase conversions.
  2. Websites are a cost effective way of marketing your business both offline and online- yes its cost effective, because online advertising services like Google ad word, pay per click campaigns are very costly.
  3. Websites adds value to your business helping in further brand development
  4. Your business website and social media account will be available 24/7/365, in today’s busy lifestyle it’s a great selling point.
  5. Patients can easily access your website and services thought-out the day and night time.
  6. With the power of website Your business will be able to build trust among  your  patients that will ultimately make them your paying customer because of your online  presence
  7. Websites helps you to build your credibility as professionals in your field which proves a great plus factor for your brand reputation.
  8. Your business gets visible worldwide gaining more popularity among your readers
  9. Website makes possible to target a wide patient base across the globe.
  10. Websites saves lot of your valuable time by providing information about your business consistently at one single destination.


So no matter what type of business you are in, a website is a great place to showcase your work 24 hrs 365 days, so do take an initiative to have a strong online presence by having a professional website.

You can make your business unique by adding patient’s testimonials, images, or videos to gain more trust and loyalty.

Janvhi Sharma, a web designing, and digital marketing expert passionately started sakshicreations for the sole purpose of providing a very affordable yet effective website designing service giving every small business an online presence.

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