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Facebook is the most popular social platform both from personal as well as business point of view. For the startup businesses it’s the most effective and free way to kick start their marketing campaign in the social world. You get a chance to create both personal and business profiles helping people to know about you personally as well as professionally building trust, you get really genuine clients on this platform.

Facebook offers many free as well as paid features helping businesses to expand further, like facebook advertising which starts from very affordable budgets.

Facebook provides many features to business owners to create a separate page for your business attached to your personal account for enhancing your brand identity and promotion of your products and services.
U can post and share informative things on this platform where people comment and interact with us helping for better engagement.

Having facebook business page is a very cost effective way to market and reach your target audience. Its very easy to setup this business page by following few basic steps. Lot of online resources available to learn this process as a DIY project.
Andrea Vahl at social media examiner has beautifully explained the step by step procedure to create and setup a face book page for business, and that too in right way ensuring you will get an effective lead generation tool through this business page, enhancing your identity and trust among people. Each step is well explained in detail to understand easily.
Covered following basic steps in detail,
• Login to your facebook account
• Choosing a right page category that defines your business
• Adding company details
• Editing page settings in detail
• Creating a proper sized cover photo relevant to your business
• Using many free tools available online for designing cover photo
• Creating an effective “ ABOUT US” section
• Adding “CALL TO ACTION “ feature for better lead capture
• Making your page live by posting updates


How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business


Are you convinced?

I hope i have  have convinced you that creating and running a perfect Facebook business page is a real NO-BRAINER task.

I personally and professionally can’t just imagine going social without having a strong FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE

So now are you ready to boost your socal media presence? GO AHEAD !!!

If you have any questions in mind do comment below and we’ll do our best to help !

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